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Monkey See, Monkey Write

Susan Mercer


After a fieldtrip to a local zoo, students will create an original travel brochure, detailing some of its exotic sites.


The student writes for a specific audience.

The student uses strategies to `finish` a piece of writing (for example, incorporating illustrations, photos, charts, and graphs; preparing a final copy).

The student uses effective word choice in written work to tell about experiences (including but not limited to anecdotal detail and figurative language such as similes).

The student writes for familiar occasions, audiences and purposes (including but not limited to entertaining, informing, responding to literature).


-Chart paper and marker
-Overhead and marker
-Class set of 8 ½” x 11” plain white paper
-Travel Brochures/Zoo Brochures
-Copies of assessment rubric found in attached file


1. Make arrangements for field trip at least a month in advance.
2. Go to local travel agent and obtain local and state travel brochures.
3. Gather chart paper, plain white paper and overhead.
4. Run assessment page for each student.


Step 1 – Month in advance- Schedule a field trip to your area’s local zoo.

Day 1
Step 1 – Day before going to the zoo- Bring in some travel brochures from your area’s local travel agent and share them with your class. Explain to your students what they are and how they help people decide where they want to go and what they might see when they get there.

Step 2 – Tell the class they’ll be taking a trip to the zoo tomorrow and that they’ll need to pay close attention to the exhibits since they’ll be making a brochure for their families, just like the ones you brought in for them.

Day 2
Step 1 – Go to the zoo and enjoy!

Day 3
Step 1 – On chart paper, brainstorm a list of exciting things that students saw at the zoo on the day before.
Step 2 – Pass out the travel brochures/zoo brochures, one for each student and discuss the different parts of the brochure and the information found on them.
Step 3 – Pass out the plain white paper.
Step 4 – Demonstrate how to fold the paper in a tri-fold.
Step 5 – Identify which side of the tri-fold is the front/title page and what factual information should go there. (i.e.zoo’s name, address, phone #, hours opened)
Step 6 – For the inside folds, instruct your students to choose some things from the class list of things they saw at the zoo that were their favorites.
Step 7 – Next, create a list of paragraph starters that are inviting (i.e.Come to the zoo and see…Where can you go and feel like you’re on an African safari…)
Step 8 – Review and demonstrate how to write descriptive paragraphs using the overhead.
Step 9 – Remind students that on each inside page they should have at least one illustration reflective of their writing.
Step 10 – Finally, have the students use the back side of the brochure to make a drawing of the zoo and to restate the important information about the zoo.(name, location, number,etc.)
Step 11 – Have the students take their brochures home to their families and see if they can’t convince them to want to go to the zoo.


Students will be assessed using the grading rubrics in the attached file. One point will be given for each question answered with a “yes”.


Students should already possess a knowledge of paragraph writing and use of adjectives in their writing.

Attached Files

A rubric used in the assessment of this lesson.     File Extension: pdf

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