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How Much Gift Wrap Do I Need?

Pam Kennon


Students estimate measurements in a real world problem situation.


The student solves real-world problems involving estimates of measurements, including length, time, weight, temperature, money, perimeter, area, and volume.


-cm cubes
-small boxes of various sizes
-wrapping paper


Gather materials
Review perimeter formula


1. Students work in groups to estimate the area of boxes in various sizes.

2. Record estimates.

3. Using cm cubes, find the area of the bottom and then the top by laying cm cubes side by side.

4. By placing the box on its side, students use cm cubes to find the area of the sides. Students could also cut off the top or bottom of the box and lay it flat to measure the cm cubes.

5. Repeat steps one through four to find the area of each box.

6. Teacher presents formula for area and discusses it with the class.

7. Compare estimates to actual measurement.

8. Students predict how much gift wrap is needed for wrapping four different sized boxes.


Students estimate how much wrapping paper is needed to wrap a box. They check their accuracy with a calculator or paper and pencil. Teacher observes students correctly by using a calculator to figure the accuracy of their estimates.


Students could also determine how much flooring or wallpaper is needed for their rooms.
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