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The Eyes, Nose, and Taste Write It

Susan Mercer


Students will use their senses of sight, smell, and taste to write descriptive and informative paragraphs about a chocolate Reese's Cup.


The student generates ideas before writing on self-selected topics and assigned tasks.

The student makes a plan before writing the first draft (for example, drawing pictures, using graphic organizers).

The student uses one or more paragraphs to focus on separate ideas in writing and uses transition words where appropriate.

The student uses effective word choice in written work to tell about experiences (including but not limited to anecdotal detail and figurative language such as similes).


-Chart paper and marker
-Teacher made transparency of what is and is not a paragraph
-Graphic organizer (see attachments)
-Individually wrapped Reese’s Peanutbutter Cups
-Notebook paper


1. Buy Reese’s Cups
2. Prepare teacher made transparency of what a paragraph is and is not.
3. Run class copies of the graphic organizer and assessment form.
4. Gather remaining materials.


1. Review what a paragraph is and is not with the teacher made transparency.
2. Point out words in the transparency that provide details and then review what adjectives are.
3. Pass out 1 Reese’s Peanutbutter Cup for each student, but tell them they can’t touch, smell or taste it now.
4. As a whole group, use the chart paper to generate a list of how a Reese’s Cup looks, smells, and taste.
5. Pass out the graphic organizer and allow the students time to select which adjectives from the class generated list, best describes a Reese’s to them.
6. Now instruct the students to first write a paragraph about how their Reese’s appears with the wrapper on at that very moment.
7. Next, have your students take the Reese’s and smell it with the wrapper on. Write a second paragraph about how their Reese’s smells. (Remind them to make sure they compare the smell to something else they already know)
8. Now let the students eat their Reese’s and write their last paragraph about how their Reese’s tastes.
9. Finally, have them breakoff into groups of four and share their sensual paragraphs.


The students will be assessed using the attached rubric and by teacher observation.


Students should have prior knowledge of paragraph writing and adjectives. This is a great activity to be used in conjuction with a unit on the 5 senses.
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