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Reflection with a Friend

Susan Mercer


After listening to a teacher read a story, students will respond to the story with illustrations and comments, share them with a partner, and then respond to their partner's reflection of the story.


The student evaluates own and other's writing (for example, determining how own writing achieves its purposes, asking questions, making comments, responding constructively to other's comments, helping classmates apply conventions).

The student writes informally (for example, journal entries, reading response, poetry).

The student listens for information and pleasure.

The student knows personal preferences for listening to literature and other material (for example, poetry, songs, stories, informational books).

The student uses strategies to contribute to group conversations (including but not limited to recounting personal experiences, initiating conversation, asking questions, reporting on personal knowledge of a topic).


-Any good piece of childrenís literature
-2 large sheets of drawing paper divided in half (set for each pair of students)
-Student Assessment


1. Gather literature
2. Gather drawing paper and divide each sheet in half.
3. Run off assessment sheet for each student.
4. Gather other materials.


1. Read the selected piece of childrenís literature and discuss the highlights of the story with the students.
2. Pair students up. If you have an odd number, pair up with that child and get involved with this activity.
3. Pass out 2 sheets of divided drawing paper to each set of students
4. Instruct each student to take their own piece of drawing paper and draw and write about the story they just heard. (Remind them to use only one half of the page.
5. Afterwards, students share their drawings and writing with each other.
6. Students now exchange their own papers with their partnerís and respond to their partnerís work, by using the second half of the divided paper. Here they will draw
and write a response about their partnerís work.
7. Finally, partners come together with the whole class and discuss their shared drawings and comments about the story/literature.


Students will be assessed with the attached rubric and by teacher observation throughout this activity.


Students should have some experience in how to comment positively to other peopleís work. A role play lesson might be in order prior to this lesson.

Attached Files

A rubric to be used to assess this lesson.     File Extension: pdf

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