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Roundin' up the Research

Cheree Brown


Students learn how to gather information that is crucial to their research. They learn to categorize the information which will assist them in writing their research paper.


The student locates, gathers, analyzes, and evaluates written information for a variety of purposes, including research projects, real-world tasks, and self-improvement.


-Note cards
-Sources that the student finds to use
-Reasearch packets (consist of teacher's choice of material)
-A quiet place


1. All students will need to have a copy of a research packet. This packet should be individualized by each teacher. Put plenty of examples of how you teach research in the packet. (For example, note taking, MLA format, paraphrasing, works cited, etc.)
2. Locate two note cards for every student. Be sure to have some extras in case of errors.
3. Have some sample note cards already made up to pass around for students to see.
4. Have a couple of sample note cards drawn on the board to fill in with the class. Be sure to have chalk or dry erase marker, and eraser.


1. Have the students take out their research packets
2. Direct students to the section of the packet on note taking
3. Describe the notetaking process to the students using the packet to assist you.
4. Give the students some sample information to put on the note card.
5. Give each student two note cards.
6. Have the students put the given information on one note card for practice.
7. Students will then be given several articles to choose one from. Once they have chosen the article they want, they will paraphrase or summarize this article on the second card.
8. Flip through the cards for any that contain mistakes and discuss the mistakes with the class.
9. After the students have finished both cards, take them up and look for any part they may be having trouble with.


Each student will turn in their note cards. The teacher looks at each note card to make sure it has been filled out completely. Any note cards that are not correct are returned to the students for them to redo. Keep checking the note cards to make sure the student is making the right corrections. Note cards may be worth as many points as the teacher deems appropriate.
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