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Sandra Pickard
Santa Rosa District Schools


Students apply their knowledge of unit conversions. They use standard units of measurement and develop their own non-standard units. Students compare the units and develop conclusions regarding the use of standard vs. non-standard units.


The student locates, gathers, analyzes, and evaluates written information for a variety of purposes, including research projects, real-world tasks, and self-improvement.

The student analyzes the validity and reliability of primary source information and uses the information appropriately.

Uses concrete and graphic models to derive formulas for finding rate, distance, time, angle measures and arc lengths.

Selects and uses direct (measured) or indirect (not measured) methods of measurement as appropriate.

Solves real-world problems involving rated measures ( miles per hour, feet per second).


-Worksheet/rubric (one for each student)
-Track, football field, or other outside open area
-100 ft. measuring tape
-Conversion sheet (optional)
-Stop watch


1. Obtain permission from the athletic department if you are going to use any of their facilities as you may need to secure access.
2. Obtain permission (if needed) to do an outside activity.
3. If you are assigning the groups and jobs do this before class.
4. Make enough copies of the worksheet/rubric and for each student.
5. Obtain one of the following for each group: 100 ft measuring tape, ruler, conversion sheet (optional), stop watch.


1. Notify the front office of your location, your departure time and your return time.
2. Review conversion factors and conversion procedures
3. The students will brainstorm a list (write on board) of non-standard forms of measuring distance (footsteps, cartwheels etc.)
4. Give each student a worksheet/rubric.
5. Place students in 3-4 member groups.
6. Assign each group member a job (Runner, Timer, Recorder, Checker) (optional).
7. Discuss the procedures for the activity.
8. Go to the activity area.
9. Perform all of the physical components of the activity.
10. Return to the classroom to do calculations.
11. Report the findings of each group.
12. Finalize report Turn in.


Grade based on percentage of correct answers.
(See worksheet/rubric)

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