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Positively Precise Organization

Shelley Mann
Santa Rosa District Schools


Students go online to critique the organization of children's writing.


The student reads and organizes information (for example, in outlines, timelines, graphic organizers) throughout a single source for a variety of purposes (for example, discovering models for own writing, making a report, conducting interviews, taking a test, performing a task).


-Computer workstation(s)
-Internet access
-Positively Precise Organization worksheet (See Associated File)


1. Preview the Stories by Young Writers menu at and select sites that contain applicable writing samples for the students to critique.
2. Post a copy of the applicable sites by the computer workstation(s).
3. Copy one Positively Precise Organization worksheet for each team of students. (See Associated File)


1. Review steps of writing organization--beginning, middle, end--with details and elaboration.

2. Teams of students go to computer workstations to access Internet site

3. On this site, direct children to the Language Arts link under the School Bell section. Have students click on the Writing category and follow the link for Stories by Young Writers. (Note: There are thirty+ sites currently available in the Stories by Young Writers menu. It may be beneficial to narrow the students' selection by listing specific sites from which they may choose.)

4. Teams select one writing sample and critique it. Observations are recorded on the Positively Precise Organization worksheet. (See Associated File)

5. Teams share results of critique.


Students turn in worksheets. Teacher evaluates critique to see if student observations reflect a knowledge of organizational strategies such as beginning, middle, and end.

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