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Tallahassee or Bust

Shelley Mann
Santa Rosa District Schools


Fourth or fifth grade students create a Power Point presentation to record their trip to Tallahassee.


The student reads and organizes information (for example, in outlines, timelines, graphic organizers) throughout a single source for a variety of purposes (for example, discovering models for own writing, making a report, conducting interviews, taking a test, performing a task).

The student interacts with peers in a variety of situations to develop and present familiar ideas (for example, conversations, whole group interactions, discussions).

The student prepares for and gives presentations for specific occasions, audiences, and purposes (including but not limited to group discussions, informational or dramatic presentations).

The student understands reasons that immigrants came to Florida (for example, fleeing oppression, economic opportunity, health reasons).


-Computer workstation(s)
-Power Point software
-Digital camera - one for class can be shared. More cameras would be helpful.


1. Students must have previous working knowledge of Power Point.
2. Students must have previous working knowledge of downloading photos from digital camera to software program.


1. During study of Florida history, students record significant historic sites that they will be visiting in Tallahassee.
2. Students are placed in teams. Each team is responsible for the history related to a Tallahassee landmark.
3. Prior to the field trip, students write an essay on the history of the landmark.
4. On the trip, teams use digital cameras to take pictures of their particular historical landmark.
5. Upon return, teams download pictures and insert them onto a Power Point slide.
6. Students take information from essay and add it to slide.
7. Teams work with teacher as facilitator to add sequence and flow to the collection of teams' slides.
8. Class presents slide show to third grade students as a preview of upcoming trip.


Team slide depicts historical significance of Tallahassee landmark and is accurate in terms of written presentation.
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