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Big Brain Central

Shelley Mann
Santa Rosa District Schools


Students set up Editing Centers and become trained specialists in certain components of editing. Peers come to specialists for editing needs.


The student reads and organizes information (for example, in outlines, timelines, graphic organizers) throughout a single source for a variety of purposes (for example, discovering models for own writing, making a report, conducting interviews, taking a test, performing a task).

The student interacts with peers in a variety of situations to develop and present familiar ideas (for example, conversations, whole group interactions, discussions).

The student prepares for and gives presentations for specific occasions, audiences, and purposes (including but not limited to group discussions, informational or dramatic presentations).


-Overhead projector
-Transparency of the Associated File
-Editing specialist job description signs made from laminated cardstock


1. Make a transparency of the Associated File.
2. Laminate copies of the Associated File on card stock to make signs.


1. Teacher trains class on editing specialist jobs needed for Big Brain Central. Basics of each job are presented in the Associated File.

2. Job descriptions are used with overhead transparency to go over the basics of editing.


Check edited work of classmates for accuracy in editing skills. For example, Student A has edited the work of Student B. Check Student A's editing skills and formatively assess this for accuracy.


Can use Alpha Smarts for students with language learning disabilities. Can be done on PC for students with language learning disabilities.

Attached Files

Job descriptions of each editing specialist.     File Extension: pdf

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