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Eye No the Write Won!

Alicia Floyd
Santa Rosa District Schools


Students practice with synonyms, antonyms, and homophones.


The student knows homophones, synonyms, and antonyms for a variety of words.


-Berenstain, Stan & Jan. [The Berenstain Bears' Trouble at School]. New York: Random House, 1986.
-One copy per student of the three worksheets (see Associated File)


1. Make copies of each worksheet - one per student.
2. Obtain a copy of the book.
3. Explore the [Berenstain Bears'] Website.


1. Read aloud [The Berenstain Bears' Trouble at School].

2. Discuss with students the meanings of synonyms (words that have almost the same meaning), antonyms (words that have the opposite meaning), and homophones (words that sound the same, but are spelled differently). Write the definitions on the board. Give examples of each using the following words from the story: synonyms - bog/swamp, antonyms - easy/hard, homophones - too/to. The worksheets also use words from the story. Clarify any misunderstanding.

3. Hand out worksheets one at a time. Go over directions. Allow students time to complete. Continue until all three sheets are finished.

4. Check as students complete each worksheet.

5. When students have completed all three sheets, and they have been checked, assign partners to work together to write new sets of synonyms, antonyms, and homophones. They may write on the back of one of their worksheets.

6. Allow time for partners to share some of their answers. Add to the list of words that are written on the board, putting them under the correct definition.


Worksheets should be formatively assessed to determine students' understanding. Some students may need additional practice before being assessed again.


1. [The Berenstain Bears' Trouble at School] also teaches a good lesson in honesty. This would be a good story starter.
2. Get several copies of different [Berenstain Bears] books for students to read silently while rotating small groups through the Internet site.

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The Berenstain Bears

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