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Cubes, Sums and a Little Fun

Liz West


In this lesson,students work with partners to make and solve additon problems using number cubes and unifix cubes.


The student uses concrete objects to solve number problems with one operation.

The student writes number sentences associated with addition and subtraction situations.


-One number cube
-Two colors of unifix cubes, 9 of each color
-Number and operation cards, can be easily made on 2x3 inch cardstock
-One sheet of paper for each child


1. Gather materials, number cubes, unifix cubes and paper
2. Prepare several sets of number cards with the numbers 0-9 written on the cards. Include a card with a plus sign and an equals sign.
3. Obtain a copy of the poem -Eight Pigs- from Finger Frolics by Liz Cromwell and Dixie Hibner. Copyright 1976 by Partner Press. Gryphon House, Inc., Beltsville, MD


1. Gain students attention by reading the poem, -Eight Pigs- by Liz Cromwell and Dixie Hibner.
2. Explain to students that today they will be practicing what they have learned about addition so far.
3. Tell the students that they will be working with a partner to make addition problems.
4. One partner will roll the number cube then will build that many unifix cubes in one color.
5. Next, the other partner will roll the number cube and will build that number of unifix cubes of the opposite color.
6. Partners will put their cubes together and will use number and operation cards to show the addition sentence.
7. After each number sentence has been made, students will write the problem on a separate sheet of paper to turn in after they have finished the activity.
8. Students continue with the partner activity for a total of ten problems.
9. Collect papers for assessment.


Students will be assessed on the standards and the Goal 3 Standard as follows.
E - Student is able to complete the activity with 9-10 problems correct.
S - Student is able to complete the activity with 7-8 problems correct.
N- Student completes the activity with only 5-6 problems correct.
U - Student completes the activity with less than 5 problems correct.


This game can be repeated or changed using links or another type of manipulative.
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