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The Problem with Prejudice

Zerelda Hammer


Students will read/discuss -The Hangman- by Maurice Ogden and answer questions about the poem. Students will list things they can do to combat prejudice using each of the letters in the word and create a small poster with a slogan against prejudice.


The student uses a variety of strategies to analyze words and text, draw conclusions, use context and word structure clues, and recognize organizational patterns.

The student determines the main idea or essential message in a text and identifies relevant details and facts and patterns of organization.

The student identifies the author's purpose and/or point of view in a variety of texts and uses the information to construct meaning.

The student drafts and revises writing that -is focused, purposeful, reflects insight into the writing situation;-conveys a sense of completeness and wholeness with adherence to the main idea;-has an organizational pattern that provide for a logical progression of ideas;-has support that is substantial, specific, revelant, concrete, and/or illustrative;-demonstrates a commitment to and an involvement with the subject;-has clarity in presentation of ideas;uses creative writing strategies appropriate to the purpose of the paper;demonstrates a command of language (word choice) with freshness of expression;has varied sentence structure and sentences that are complete except when fragments are used and purposefully; andhas few, if any, convention errors in mechanics, usage, and punctuation.

The student produces final documents that have been edited for-correct spelling;-correct punctuation, including commas, colons, and semicolons;-correct common usage, including subject/verb agreement, common noun/pronoun agreement, common possessive forms, and with a variety of sentence structures,including parallel structure; and-correct formatting.

The student understands that there are patterns and rules in semantic structure, symbols, sounds, and meanings conveyed through the English language.

The student responds to a work of literature by interpreting selected phrases, sentences, or passages and applying the information to personal life.


- Copy of -The Hangman- by Maurice Ogden
Go to
- Plain white card stock for poster
- -The Hangman Questions- (Download - Microsoft Word)
- Graphics program such as PrintShop or PrintMaster if students will type/illustrate PREJUDICE list


- Go to website for copy of -The Hangman- by Maurice Ogden (see Materials)
- Download questions and answers (Microsoft Word)
- Gather white card stock
- If using computer for illustrations, make sure computer and program are working properly



1. During your Holocaust unit (or unit on prejudice or poetry), read/discuss -The Hangman- by Maurice Ogden.

2. Pass out questions (students can work individually or in groups). Students may need to finish work at home.


1. Discussion Questions.

2. Discuss the things that people can do to combat prejudice.

3. Tell the students to write the word prejudice vertically along the left edge of their papers.

4. Tell students to make a list of the things they can do to combat prejudice. Each line begins with the letter at the left - for example, P - put myself in the other person's place; R - respect the beliefs of others, etc.

Outside Class Time-

After being proofed/revised, these could be typed and illustrated with a program such as PrintShop or PrintMaster to be displayed around the school.

1. Pass out plain white card stock.

2. Tell the students to create a poster against prejudice and include a slogan.

3. Posters can be displayed around the school.


Questions answered correctly
Prejudice list must be complete and follow rules of grammar, mechanics, and usage
Poster must contain a slogan against prejudice and contain graphics to illustrate


The PREJUDICE list could be completed by a group of students.

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