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What Do You See?

Anne Hargrove


Students write paragraphs describing similarities and differences after observing two sites on Web World Wonders.


The student knows the similarities and differences of settings presented within and across fourth grade or higher level selections.



1. Make sure websites are available
2. Discuss concept of similarities and differences
3. Display rubric.
4. Assign students to computers.


Day 1:
Working in groups of two students access the web site: http://webworldwonders-Wakulla Springs. They record the events they observe for a ten minute period. The students then access web site http://webworldwonders-Pigeon Key.
They will again record the events they observe for a ten minute period. Using the information recorded, the students will write a paragraph detailing similarities in sites and a paragraph detailing differences in sites.

Day 2:
The students read the paragraphs to the class. The class critiques the paragraphs based on a rubric scoring 0 to 4. The teacher display the rubric.


The students write two paragraphs detailing the similarities and differences they have observed at the web sites. Each paragraph should contain six to eight sentences and have data that is relevant to the topic. The paper is scored using a rubric.

Web Links

http://webworldwonders-Wakulla and Pigeon Key
Web World Wonders

Attached Files

A rubric to help with assessment.     File Extension: pdf

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