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Make a Design by Plotting Points

Dan Schmidt
Santa Rosa District Schools


Students design a picture by plotting points on graph paper and then color their designs.


Using a rectangular coordinate system (graph), applies and algebraically verifies properties of two-and three- dimensional figures, including distance, midpoint, slope, parallelism, and perpendicularity.


-Straight edge
-Graph Paper


1. Duplicate graph paper and rubric for each student. Most likely you will need extra sheets of graph paper for each student.
2. Collect or buy 3 or 4 boxes of crayons.


1. Review with students how to: 1) Plot points on a coordinate plane; 2) How to label points on a coordinate plane.
2. Illustrate an example. (see attachment one). Note: there are two parts to this design. Each part is a separate design. Students may need to have many parts to complete their design.
3. Hand out graph paper (several sheets), straight edge and a rubric for scoring project.
4. Review the rubric (attachment two) with the students.
5. Students will then make up a design on their own. They will then turn in a copy of their designs along with a separate sheet of their labeled points and the different parts if needed.


Follow the rubric (attachment two)
Note: The creativity assessment is totally up to the instructor. I would give the maximum points for creativity if I would use the student's design in other classes.


Once the student completes his or her design, he can determine the slope between each coordinate.
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