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Road Trip

Stacy Durham


Students will use the Internet and other research tools to create a PowerPoint presentation on their chosen destination.


The student uses a variety of reference materials to gather information, including multiple representations of information for a research project (for example, maps, charts, photos).

The student uses a variety of strategies to prepare for writing (for example, brainstorming, making lists, mapping ideas, grouping related ideas, keeping a notebook of ideas, observing surroundings, answering questions posed by others).

The student establishes a purpose for writing (including but not limited to explaining, informing, telling a story, making a request).

The student writes for a variety of occasions, audiences, and purposes (for example, journals to reflect upon ideas, reports to describe scientific observations).

The student uses electronic technology to create, revise, retrieve, and verify information (including but not limited to word-processing software, electronic encyclopedias).


-Research materials such as encyclopedias, maps, and charts
-Magazines and travel guides
-Copy of Research packet for each student and state sign up sheet (attached file)
-oil pastels and markers
-Access to computer with word processing software, PowerPoint and Internet
-Access to a scanner , VCR, microphone, and a scan converter
-Wall map of the United States
-Travel snacks for the kids to enjoy while writing
-List of web sites that students can use to do research
-Clipboard for each student
-Thumb tacks


Collect research materials such as encyclopedias, maps, charts, Internet addresses.
Collect magazines and travel guides
Copy attached file- research packet for each student and one state sign up sheet
Collect art materials
Obtain a wall map of the United States that tacks can be placed on
Obtain clipboards for each student
Buy an ample supply of travel snacks for the class to enjoy (goldfish, dry cereal)
Create a template for each student to use
Hook up your scan converter, VCR and TV
Review the attachment on learning through PowerPoint


1. We’re going on a Road Trip! Where do you want to go? We all need to begin right here in Florida, but where you will end up will be up to you! Do you want to travel to a state that you have visited, or one that you have never seen? We are going to have so much fun! Are you ready for a road trip?

2. First we need to think about what would be helpful if we are planning a trip? (a map, information about that state. . .) When would it be useful to use a map? What does a map tell us? (Have some examples of maps for the students to view.) Discuss how some maps are more helpful than others. I have gathered several resources for you to use on this project, including a few travel brochures. These are very informative, and provide colorful illustrations of tourist attractions that might be of help to you. I would also encourage you to locate additional information at home or in the library.

3. The Internet is also a helpful tool that you can use when looking for information. I will provide you with a handout of some websites and search engines that you might find helpful while doing your research.

4. You will be using a Road Trip five part planning sheet to record information on your state. Notice that you must use at least three different resources and one must be a web site. (Go over each item on the planning sheet answering any questions that the class might have. Explain that they will have a week to complete this project, so they do not need to rush, but they must use their time wisely.)

5. After you have completed the research for this project, you will use the information to create a rough draft of your presentation. Then you will trade your rough draft with a neighbor to edit.

6. After the editing process has been completed, you will need to illusrtate each of the five sections from the planning sheet. Then you can create a final copy slide show of your destination! I will provide you with a PowerPoint template to help with your presentation.

7. Now, lets begin! First, you must decide what state you want to research. In order to have a variety of travel destinations in our classroom library, each student needs to have a different state. When I call your name, you may go to the map and put a pushpin in the state of your choice. Then you need to sign your name next to the state on the sign up sheet. This will help us keep up with our states.

8. After you have chosen your state, you may begin researching. Good Luck and Happy Traveling!

9. As the students are working, travel around the room keeping a close eye on those on the Internet.

10. When the students finish, have them share their presentations with the rest of the class. If you have a scan converter and are hooked up through a VCR, you will be able to show the presentations and record them for the students to take home for the parents to view. When finished, the class will have a wonderful travel library of the United States!


Assess the students using the rubric (See associated files) on their brochures, planning packets and PowerPoint presentations.


Students need to be familiar with PowerPoint, and be able to use it to develop presentations.
This lesson can be extended in several ways for advanced students. They could do a complete research paper on their state or even make a shadow box or mobile for their visual. The lesson can also be modified for slower learners by having them skip the planning sheet or allow them to create a small poster or paper flyer of the state, instead of a PowerPoint presentation.

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