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Hey Mom, Are We There Yet?

Farica King
Santa Rosa District Schools


Students locate, organize and interpret information from a variety of sources to create a travel brochure for a selected destination of their choice.


The student organizes and interprets information from a variety of sources for a school or real-world task.

The student uses conventions of punctuation (including but not limited to commas, colons, semicolon, quotation marks, apostrophes).

The student uses conventions of capitalization (including but not limited to the names of organizations, nationalities, races, languages, religions).


-One sheet of cardstock per student
-One sheet of copy paper per student (for rough draft)
-Clip Art - students are to provide this from a variety of sources such as magazines, Internet, clip art programs, self created, etc.)
-Information on selected destination - provided by student
-Markers/colored pencils
-Teacher-made travel brochure
-Copies of travel brochures to a variety of locations
-Research materials


1. Obtain copies of travel brochures for a variety of travel destinations.
2. Create a teacher-made brochure for a selected destination.
3. Copy brochure guidelines (download attached file); one per student.
4. Copy rubric scoring guidelines (download attached file); one per student.
5. Obtain copy paper and cardstock for student brochures.
6. Provide markers/colored pencils and glue as needed for students.
7. Locate or obtain suitable research materials for students.


1. Share with students sample travel brochures and discuss the type of information found in a travel brochure.

2. Discuss various places students have visited and/or would like to visit.

3. Share with students the teacher-made travel brochure and discuss all the information in the brochure. List on a chart or the board the types of information to include and ask students why it should be included.

4. Explain all details of the project. Tell students that they will select a destination from anywhere in the world and create their own travel brochure for the selected vacation spot.

5. Handout a copy of the Travel Brochure guidelines in the associated file to students.

6. Read and discuss the guidelines with students.

7. Discuss a timeline for this project. Review conventions if necessary.

8. Discuss how the project will be assessed. Show students where research materials are located. Explain how to list the research item on the back of the brochure.

9. Allow students to review the teacher-made brochure and ask questions regarding the project.

10. Before projects are turned in, have students assess their own brochures using the checklist. Rough drafts must be attached to show evidence of editing and proofreading. Allow students to peer edit if they have time prior to constructing the final brochure.


Assess the brochure using the checklist in the associated file. Students also assess their own projects using the checklist. (Rough drafts should be attached.)


This activity could be used to reinforce adjectives by having students use descriptive words to make their vacation spot appear to be an exciting place to visit.

Attached Files

Travel Brochure Guidlines/Scoring Rubric     File Extension: pdf

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