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Forget Us Not

Vicky Nichols
Bay District Schools


Students are reminded of the Holocaust and its terrible cost by examining literary selections that deal with the conflict of the Holocaust. They respond in writing using a word processing program.


The student understands how character and plot development, point of view, and tone are used in various selections to support a central conflict or story line.

The student identifies specific questions of personal importance and seeks to answer them through literature.


-A novel for each student about the Holocaust (See or check in the library) These can be individual novels or a class set.
-Computers with Internet access
-Word processing program


1. Visit the site prior to the lesson.

2. Poetry format should be available to students. (see supporting file)

3. Literary selection(s) about the Holocaust should be available to the students.


1. Students read a literary selection(s) dealing with the Holocaust. This lesson should take place after students discuss the theme of their novels--man VS man.

2. Access the Website on the big screen TV and computer:

3. Examine and discuss the art and poems created by children about the Holocaust.

4. Introduce the Diamante and I Am forms of poetry to students. (See Associated File)

5. Using the format, students create poetry that reflects the characters, images, tone and plot development of their literary selections(s). Poetry should also reflect the influence of this text on the students' personal growth and development about this topic. Prior to students beginning to write, share the rubric with them.

6. Students type and print their poetry in suitable form for display using Microsoft Word or a comparable word-processing program.


Assess the poetry created by the students using the rubric in the associated file.

Circulate and formatively assess students as they use the technology tools. Provide assistance for students who are experiencing difficulty and monitor accordingly.


Art- Poems can be mounted on a bulletin board or a door or a mural. Students may also draw, paint, sketch or otherwise illustrate artwork to accompany the poems.

Web Links

Imagine 1 Art Gallery (created by Imagine)contains children’s artwork depicting the concept of the Holocaust.
Imagine 1 Art Gallery

Poetry and/or art concerning the Holocaust
Holocaust Poetry and Paintings

Attached Files

A hand-out for students and a rubric for assessing the poetry     File Extension: pdf

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