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Our Hour

Lee Strain
Polk County Schools


Students keep track of time throughout the day by recording the time and what activity they are doing at that particular hour.


The student demonstrates an understanding of time using digital and analog clocks (for example, hour and half-hour intervals).


-Sentence strips
-Clock face stamp
-Pencils for each student
-Copy of the book [The Grouchy Ladybug] by Eric Carle, HarperCollins Publishers, New Edition, 1996


1. Prepare a sentence strip for each student by folding the strip into sixths.
2. In each section, stamp a clock face. Leave enough space for the student to write the digital time at the bottom of the section.
3. Obtain a copy of [The Grouchy Ladybug] by Eric Carle, HarperCollins Publishers, New Edition,1996.


1. Ask the students if they have ever had a busy schedule with certain things to be completed within a set time frame.

2. Before reading [The Grouchy Ladybug], tell students to listen to what the ladybug completed in her busy schedule.

3. Read [The Grouchy Ladybug] aloud to the class and discuss the story with the students.

4. Draw the students' attention to the clocks on each page of the story. Discuss what the ladybug was doing at the particular hour.

5. After the discussion, pass out the prepared sentence strip to each student. Have the student record the time of the day on the first clock, then the student records the digital time underneath the clock. You will need to plan this activity so that the children are recording the time each hour.

6. On the back of the clock, the student draws a picture of what he/she was doing at that particular hour, or the student can write a brief description.

7. Each hour the student should repeat the procedure.

8. At the end of the day, collect the strips for assessment.


The sentence strip is evaluated to determine if the student is able to draw the hands and digital time on the clock for each hour. Students should be able to record the time with 80% accuracy to determine if the student has mastered the standard. Students who are having difficulty need feedback and additional practice.


The class can make a big book of the activities they do by the hour.
Each student can make a book of the activities he/she does during the day.

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