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Foul or Fair Ball?

Judy Smith


This culminating activity to the novel , [The Pinballs], by Betsy Byars, reviews common fouls and possible alternative, positive behaviors.


The student understands the development of plot and how conflicts are resolved in a story.


-Copies of Peace Works poster, RULES FOR FIGHTING FAIR
-Chart paper
-Novel [The Pinballs], by Betsy Byars (1 for each student)
-Worksheet (See attached file)


1. Gather materials for activity.
2. Duplicate copies of the assessment worksheet for students.



1. Upon completion of novel, [The Pinballs], by Betsy Byars, guide students through a discussion of common fouls. (Use PeaceWorks poster, [Rules for Fighting Fair]). For information about the Peace Education Foundation call 1-800-749-8838.

2. Have students break into small groups to brainstorm examples of these common fouls that occurred throughout the book, with one student recording ideas on chart paper. (Allow approximately 20 minutes)

3. Students return to their desks and teacher leads a class discussion of ideas gathered in small groups, listing these examples on chart paper.

4. Have students go back into small groups to brainstorm positive alternatives to these fouls, (Allow approximately 10 minutes)

5. (Repeat step 3)

6. Have students complete attached worksheet. You will need to model a fair or foul incident from the novel and how to record it on the worksheet in the associated files.


Students will list 10 examples of common fouls that occurred throughout the novel, [The Pinballs], by Betsy Byars, along with the name of the character that committed the foul and the page number on which the foul occurred. Students write a paragraph explaining a positive alternative for one of the fouls that occurred. Students use the attached assessment worksheet.


1. Novel can be used for guided reading.
2. Students will write a book report.
3. Have students take AR test.

Attached Files

This file contains the worksheet for students.     File Extension: pdf

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