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Responsibility Rules!

Tiffany DuBose


This activity is a valuable method in teaching students responsibility with home and school tasks. If students in your class need to demonstrate the ability to organize the classroom or a room at home, then this is the lesson for you!


The student increases comprehension by rereading, retelling, and discussion.

The student knows the skills needed to be a responsible friend and family member (e.g., doing chores and helping others).


-Schwartz, Linda. RESPONSIBLE RASCAL. The Learning Works, Inc., Santa Barbara, California, 1991.
-Clean Room Checklist for each student (associated file)


1. Obtain a copy of the book: RESPONSIBLE RASCAL by Linda Schwartz ,The Learning Works, Inc., Santa Barbara, California, 1991.
2. Have prior knowledge of book.
3. Make copies of the checklist for each child to take home.


1.Greet the students and present the book RESPONSIBLE RASCAL.

2. Ask the students what they think the story will be about. Ask the following questions:
- What do you think Rascal will learn in this story?
-Responsible is a big word. Does anyone know what it means?
- How could Rascal be responsible?

3. Begin reading the story allowing students to see illustrations.

4. After reading aloud, discuss the following questions:
- What was Rascalís problem in the story?
- Do you have responsibilities at home? What kind of chores do you have?
- Letís talk about responsibilities at school. What could you do to help in our classroom?
- How did Rascal feel when he was irresponsible? How would you feel if you were careless with someoneís things?
-Why should we be responsible?

5. Explain that the students will have a homework
assignment to clean their rooms.

6. Send a checklist home for the parents to sign once the procedures are completed.

7. On the following day, collect the studentsí signed checklists.


1. The students return the completed checklists that display mastery of the lesson (a copy of the checklist can be found in the file attachment).
2. Students describe and answer questions individually through teacher initiated discussion. The students will have to cover: telling what they did, discussing why it was a responsible thing to do, how it made them responsible, etc. This is a formative assessment.


Display knowledge of I Care Rule #5. -We are responsible for what we say and do.-
This lesson complements the Read Aloud block of the 6 Blocks Framework (a reading program published by Bay District Schools).

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