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Euro English

Peggy Craig


Students read a short essay and cull out the directions. Then the students rewrite the essay using standard English spellings.


The student uses resources such as dictionary and thesaurus to confirm spelling.


-Word processor (optional)


Prepare copies of handout


1. Teacher hands out -Euro English- to each student
2. Student volunteer reads the essay aloud.
3. Teacher instructs students to underline the 11 directions given in the article.
4. Teacher then instructs students to rewrite the article replacing Euro English with standard English using a dictionary if necessary.
5. Teacher collects papers for evaluation.


Students must score 80% accuracy before papers are acceptable. Teacher may review individually or assign another student as a peer to help accomplish this task. A retest on this material may be given at a later time if mastery has not been achieved.


Creative students may create a paragraph of their own using Euro English and ask fellow students to read and translate to standard English.

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