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Word is to Analogy as . . .

Martha Todd
Santa Rosa District Schools


Students learn to correctly complete verbal analogies by playing a group game.


The student uses a variety of strategies to determine meaning and increase vocabulary (for example, homonyms, homophones, prefixes, suffixes, word-origins, multiple meanings, antonyms, synonyms, word relationships).


-Analogy matching game (see file)
-Analogy quiz (see file)


1. Duplicate one set of analogy cards for the game (see file)
2. Duplicate one analogy quiz per student


Day I
1. Write several verbal analogies on the board. Examples: Mrs. Todd is to teacher as Suzie is to ________________. School is to learning as bed is to ___________________. Slow is to fast as good is to ________________________. The students orally give answers and the teacher fills in the blanks, giving no explanation.

2. Explain that a verbal analogy compares two things. The tricky part is that you must first determine the relationship between the two given terms, then use that same relationship for the other terms.

3. Refer back to the examples on the board. The students determine the relationship between the first two terms of the analogy and see if the same relationship exists between the second two terms to see if their answer was correct.

4. Pass out the game cards. of the class gets analogy cards, and get answer cards. Students with answer cards stand in the front of the room. Students with analogy cards stand up, one at a time, and let the class determine what the relationship is, then have the students with the answer cards determine what the correct answer is. Check to see that both sets of terms have the same relationship. Continue until all analogies are complete
Day 2

1. As a review, put 5 analogies on the board and go over together, first determining the relationship between the two known terms, and then completing the analogy. (The game from yesterday can be used again as review also)

2. Students complete analogy worksheet to check understanding.

3. Teacher checks worksheet and re-teaches as necessary.


Students are given a summative assessment using a fill-in-the-blank quiz, with 80% correct being passing.


The game cards would make an excellent center. This lesson could be extended further by a writing assignment in which the students are required to use at least two analogies, or a worksheet using this skill, this would reinforce the lesson also.
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