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Unit Plans - Learner Level 1: Music

  • Geo Jammin' (Authored by Katie Koehnemann.)

  • Subject(s): Language Arts, Mathematics, Music, Theater, Visual Arts (Kindergarten - Grade 2)
    Description: Turn a classroom nuisance into a delightful geometry unit assessment tool! With puppetry, poems, and geoboards, students move from understanding basic shapes to sorting, describing, identifying, and demonstrating attributes of two- and three-dimensional figures. The unit is designed to include multiple intelligence and differentiated learning style activities, including music and theatre. The neat little geometrically folded Chatter Box that kids so often make in class is used as an assessment instrument by becoming a puppet who will perform a short, jazzy, student-generated script explaining how it went from a flat two-dimensional figure to the stylish three-dimensional shape it is now. This integrated unit is presented in Reading Block Framework design. Integrated lessons for each day include Math, Working With Words, Writing, Shared Reading, and Literacy Link (the home connection), with suggestions for Guided Reading and Self-Selected Reading.

  • Patterns, Patterns Everywhere (Authored by Sandi King.)

  • Subject(s): Language Arts, Mathematics, Music, Science (Kindergarten - Grade 2)
    Description: The purpose of this unit is to involve students in the process of recognizing, extending, describing, classifying, and creating a variety of patterns. Students become pattern detectives as they participate in hands-on activities in which they look for patterns in language, math, and science. Students create records of patterns, which will be combined into a picture pattern book for each child. This book serves as a daily record of the studentís activities and understanding as well as an assessment tool.

  • Performing on Instruments (Authored by Roberto Gonzalez-Trigo.)

  • Subject(s): Mathematics, Music (Kindergarten - Grade 2)
    Description: This mini unit plan enables students to familiarize themselves with the basic buiding blocks of music (notes and patterns). They discover the similiarities of music and math through manipulatives and instruments. Students are engaged with learning expressive concepts such as tempo and dynamics as they discover patterns that can be used in music and math.

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