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Jacob Have I Loved - A Novel Study

Dawn Capes
Rosenwald Middle School (Bay District Schools)


“Jacob have I loved, Esau have I hated.” Students explore the book Jacob Have I Loved by Katherine Patterson through a study of its setting, characters, many conflicts, and resolutions. They learn to apply quotes from the book to their own lives and wonder if it is possible to truly hate a sibling. At unit's end, students take a unit assessment that tests their knowledge of the unit's standards and create multi-media presentations in which they depict scenes from the novel.


Is it possible to truly hate your sibling?


The planned duration of this activity is 21 days.

Associated Files

Unit Plan Overview (PDF)     File Extension:  pdf

Diagnostic Assessment (PDF)     File Extension:  pdf

Summative Assessment #1 (PDF)     File Extension:  pdf

Summative Assessment #2 (PDF)     File Extension:  pdf

Expectations for Summative #1 (PDF)     File Extension:  pdf

Standards to Post (PDF)     File Extension:  pdf

Jacob'ardy (PDF)     File Extension:  pdf

Literary Terms and Vocabulary Strategies (PDF)     File Extension:  pdf

Content Questions (PDF)     File Extension:  pdf

Unit Handouts (PDF)     File Extension:  pdf

Unit Handouts- Answer Keys (PDF)     File Extension:  pdf

Discussion Questions-Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies (PDF)     File Extension:  pdf

Lesson Plans

I Hate My Sibling?
Can you truly hate your sibling? Students explore this controversial question and examine literary techniques used by the author as they begin to read the book Jacob Have I Loved.

Are You Moody?
Are you moody? Is a novel? Students continue their study of the novel, Jacob Have I Loved and their examination of literary techniques the author uses to grab their attention.

Dream Killers
What is a dream killer? A person? An idea? Students continue their exploration of figurative language and point of view in the novel, Jacob Have I Loved.

I’m a Little Crab Pot
Students delve more deeply into figurative language and conflict/resolution as they complete the novel, Jacob Have I Loved.
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