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Poetic Cause and Effect

Farrah Milby
Aloma Elementary (Orange County Schools)


Students explore cause and effect, making inferences, and drawing conclusions through poetry. Students write, critique, and evaluate their own writing.


What is cause and effect?
Wat are inferences?
How do you use information in literature to draw conclusions?


The planned duration of this activity is 7 days.

Associated Files

Unit Plan Overview and Diagnostic Assessment #1     File Extension:  pdf

Diagnostic Assessment #2     File Extension:  pdf

Summative Assessment     File Extension:  pdf

Lesson Plans

Match It Up !
After receiving definitions for cause and effect, students move around the room to match either a cause or effect with other students. This lesson uses poetry as the text to teach cause and effect.

Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions
Students use poems to make inferences and draw conclusions.
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