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A Television In My Room

Sandi King
Beacon Learning Center (Bay District Schools)


How can students show that they are responsible? This unit integrates science, mathematics, and language arts contents to help students discover ways they can show they are responsible enough to have televisions in their rooms.


How can students show that they are responsible?


The planned duration of this activity is 10 days.

Associated Files

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Summative Assessment 1 (PDF)     File Extension:  pdf

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Unit Question and Scenario (PDF)     ;File Extension:  pdf

Letter to Parents (PDF)     File Extension:  pdf

Lesson Plans

How can we teach students to be responsible? This lesson invites students to brainstorm, and then share ideas of how they can behave responsibly by respecting the rights of others. This is lesson one of seven in the unit, A Television in My Room.

Skateboard Renegade
What does skateboarding have to do with showing responsibility? Reading skills and strategies are taught while students use the novel, Skateboard Renegade, to explore responsibility. A variety of simple machines is identified and their uses explored.

Machines Help
Do you know what simple machines are at use on the school grounds? After reviewing the six simple machines, students locate simple machines on the school grounds and chart what machines are found and how they are used to make tasks possible.

Distance Over Time
What is velocity and how is it determined? In this lesson plan, students are actively involved in experiments to measure and calculate the magnitude of speed, known as velocity using algebraic terms.

Keep It Quiet!
How can a container be soundproofed? Learning about sound waves and how they behave in various media will enable students to create a soundproofed container.

Jimmy Jett and His TV Set
What would happen if we don’t accept responsibility for our actions? Through the use of the fun poem, “Jimmy Jett and His TV Set,” students learn the importance of assuming responsibility for personal health.

Playground Games
This review lesson allows students to use their knowledge of velocity and wave behavior while competing in playground games.

Web Links

This interactive Student Web Lesson teaches students to understand the textual organization of cause and effect. All students will be completing this lesson.
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