Have you ever planned a party?


I'm filling out birthday party invitations.  Each line asks an important question. 

Click on the pictures to see the questions. How would you answer these questions?


It is Party Time!
Let's plan a party!
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Questions to Answer

  • WHAT will we eat?
  • WHEN should I have my party?

I'll use  problem solving steps to answer these questions. Click on the pictures to see my plan. Previous Page |Next Page

Step 1

   Understand the Problem

Step 2

   Decide on a Plan

Step 3    Carry out the Plan
Step 4    Look Back and Review



Who Will I Invite?
Let's warm-up our problem solving skills.

Need a hint? I can help!
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for hints.

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I will invite my four best friends to the party. Each of them will invite two friends.  How many people will I have at my party?  (Don't forget me!)
Click on the arrow. Scroll to your answer.


What Will We  Eat?


This is the next question I have to answer.  Type into the box what you think we should eat.

Let's see what my friends want to eat..

Place your arrow inside the box. Click on the mouse to change it to a cursor.  Begin typing. Click "Done" when you are finished.
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My friends and I want to order large, Large PIZZAS!  But before we place our pizza order, we have to answer a few more questions. Click on the pictures to see the questions.


Select the next problem solving step.

I understand the
problem, but what
do I do next?
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I asked each of my friends the question "What kind of pizza should we order?"
I used a table to organize their ideas.






My Friends' Choices

Number of Toppings Type of Pizza Total Pizzas
Zero (0)

four (4)
One (1)

five (5)

three (3)

Click on the arrows to select the types of pizza my friends chose.
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I went to see the Italian pizza maker, Chef Antonio! He would know what to do with all this data.

"To arrange an awesome pizza party, you include the widest range of your friends' choices," he said.

Chef Antonio

I wasn't sure what he meant about "range."  
I looked up the definition
Click on the picture to see what I found.
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Hmm...let me think about this. 

The highest extreme of my data was "lots of toppings." 

The lowest extreme was "zero toppings."
The range of my friends' choices includes pizzas from zero toppings to lots of toppings.
Based on this data, what kinds of pizza should I order?
Type in your answer. Click "Done" when you are finished.
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Chef Antonio then showed me his secret recipe for finding the range.

You asked the question, "How many pizzas should we order?" Your friends gave the following answers: 10, 13, 5, 6, 3, 3, 2, 4, 5, 6, 13, 2.

Step 1: Order, or arrange,
the numbers from lowest
to highest.
Click on the arrow to select
the correct list.
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Your ordered list now looks like this: 2,2,3,3,4,5,5,6,6,10,13,13.

Step 2  Find the highest and lowest extremes.

The highest extreme is and the lowest extreme is .

Step 3  Find the difference of the two extremes. 

Which math operation do we use to find the difference between two items?


Which math sentence will help us find the range?

13 + 2 = range
13 - 2 = range
13 x 2 = range
13 / 2 = range

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I could order from two to thirteen pizzas! That is a range of eleven pizzas!
How much pizza is enough? What do you think?
Is eleven pizzas...
too much?
too little?
We know that large pizzas come with 12 slices.  So eleven large pizzas would give us?
Based on the data, predict the number of pizzas we need to order to feed 13 people.
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Hoping to find a clearer answer, I asked my friends, "How many slices of pizza will you eat?"

They answered: 2,5,4,3,5,2,2,4,2,3,4,1.

Use the chef's recipe to find the range.


Arrange the Numbers


Find the Extremes Check the highest and lowest extremes:
1 5


Find the Difference
We could use this range.  But do you think each of my friends will eat this much pizza? Type in "yes" or "no". Explain your answer.

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Finding the range helped us solve some problems. Check the questions we have answered.
What kinds of pizza should we order?
How many pizzas should we order?
How many of each kind of pizza should we order?
Who should we order the pizzas from?
Using the range helped us solve the first problem. It gave us an estimate for the second one. But we still have two more questions to answer.

Join me soon in The Party Mode lesson.  We'll answer the rest of our questions and place our pizza order!


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