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Treasure chest filled with assessment information

  Overview      Module Components       Module Objectives       What's next?

Module Objectives
Within this module, participants should be able to:

Distinguish between assessment and 
evaluation identifying their similarities 
and differences

Understand alignment, validity, and 
reliability within the process of  
standards-based assessment

Understand the meaning of evidence    
and criteria and the differences
between them

Know the different types of assessment  
and the use of each type

Understand the important role of  
feedback within a course of study

Identify various methods of assessment  
and state the function of each

Identify various tools of assessment  
according to form within various   
assessment methods and state the

purpose of each

Apply the process of assessment 
development within the 
CAI Lesson Planning Tool

What's next?
To accomplish the objectives of this module,
you will be asked to reflect on your current
assessment practices.  Select a past assessment 
to consider as you proceed.  It might be helpful
to have a printed copy of the selected
assessment, but this is not mandatory.

Time to reflect.  A reference indicator to alert 
your attention to the selected assessment is 
Mr. Stringfellow in the reflection graphic displayed below. Each time you see this graphic, two questions will
Mr. Stringfellow follow.  Click the reflection graphic on this page for the printable version of the reflection questions. This allows you to keep a written record of your thoughts regarding your current assessment practices as you advance through the module. 

Keys to Understanding. Occasionally you will be asked to click the Key to Understanding.  The keys will unlock a myriad of treasures specific to standards-based assessment planning. A printable version of the Keys to Understanding is available in the Summary Component of this module. 

As an example click below to review the reference to key issues and key elements mentioned in the Introduction.

  Click here.

Click the Key to Understanding



Considering assessment as a process provides 
educators with a reliable answer to the recurring 
question, "Are students ready for a grade?"    
Developing assessment based on standards guides
the educator toward focusing on student learning, 
not just assigning a grade.
Beginning with the end in mind, educators select 
well-defined goals (standards) for students. Then
alignment to the selected standard becomes a
key issue throughout the assessment planning 

This standards-based assessment process offers 

students multiple opportunities to perform or complete
a task by providing evidence of what they have learned.
Student performance is evaluated at different
intervals using a set of criteria that clearly delineate
expectations of achievement levels.
In this module, key elements essential to  
understanding the standards-based assessment
process are identified and explained.  Educators  
are also afforded the opportunity to examine and 
evaluate their current assessment practices.  

Module Components
Each section of this module is designed to help participants understand standards-based assessment. The following sequence is recommended.  

     A recurring question ... "Are students ready  
     for a grade?"

  Assessment Vs. Evaluation
     What are the similarities and differences?

The Process of Standards-based

     What is the correlation between assessment
     and process?

Steps to Standard-based Assessment 
What are the specific steps that go beyond the
     scope of just administering tests, using answer   
     keys, and assigning scores?

Assessment Development
    What are the assessment types, methods, and  
    tools used to measure achievement of selected

    How will you know students have learned?

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