Seminole Indians

Seminole Indians belong to the Creek Confederation and moved into Florida in the 1700's. They spoke the Muskogee language. Seminole, meaning "runaways", were a tribe established from members of several different tribes plus black slaves who had escaped their owners.

In 1821, the U.S. Government bought Florida from Spain for five million dollars and began urging Indians to move west. A series of three Seminole wars were fought between 1832 and 1858 between the Seminoles who loved their land and the U.S. government who wanted this land for settlement.

Osceola led the Seminoles until he was tricked into discussing peace terms under a flag of truce. General Thomas Jesup ordered U.S. troops to seize and imprison Osceola. In 1838 Osceola died in prison. The wars ended in 1858 when the Seminole agreed to move. Many of the Seminole led by Osceola remained hidden in the Everglades, refusing to resettle.

There was never a peace treaty signed and the Seminole have always been an independent nation.

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