Read this article about cells.  Then, answer the questions on the right.


Nerve cell


The Building Blocks of Life

Skin cells

     All living things are made of cells.  Since humans are alive, we are also made of cells.  Cells make our body tissue.  Tissue makes our body organs.  Organs make our body systems.   Cells are the building blocks of our bodies.

     In order for us to stay alive, our cells must stay alive.  Cells need food, oxygen, and water to remain alive and healthy.  Using the food, oxygen and water creates energy for our cells.  This process makes waste in the form of urea and carbon dioxide that must be removed from the cells. 

     All of the systems of the human body work together to give our cells what they need and to remove the waste made by the cells.  Keeping our cells well keeps our bodies well.


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1.  What is the main idea of the article?
2.  What are made of cells?

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3.  What would happen to a cell if it did not get oxygen?  The cell would

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4.  How do you know birds are made of cells?

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