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How It All Stacks Up

I need a new blanket for my bed, but there are so many kinds to choose from. Should I buy a plain blanket, electric blanket, quilt, or two thin blankets? I`ll ask my friends what they have.

I asked twenty five of my friends about their blankets. I learned that 8 have plain blankets, 10 have quilts, and only one uses 2 thin blankets. I have a hard time remembering all that so I'm going to build a bar graph to help me show the kinds of blankets my friends have.
*A graph helps me to see and compare amounts.


What if my friends had these blankets:
2 plain, 6 electric,
4 quilts, and 2 thin blankets?
Build a bar graph to show these results.
Move the mouse over the chart
and click on the correct amount.


A bar graph helps us to see and compare amounts easily.

What kind do most of my friends have?
Two kinds of blankets are owned by an equal number of friends. Which two do they have?


A news reporter wants to know what kind of fish are near the surface of the water. Build a bar graph to show the kinds of fish I saw.
7 Tropical fish
4 Seahorses
1 Shark
3 Dolphins
5 Salmon


Look around your room at the things that you can graph.

How many kids have shoe laces or boots?
How many kids have 1 pencil, 2 pencils, 3 pencils, 4 pencils, or more than four?

Build a bar graph on paper and show it to your teacher. Don't forget to write down how many of each item are on the graph!