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Instruction Module
                         Overview             Module Components              Module Objectives            What's next?
Standards-based instruction: Who needs it and      
why?  The quest for quality education inspires
educators to acquire and use knowledge of
standards to design challenging and meaningful 
opportunities for student achievement.
Standards-based instruction supports these 
opportunities and provides continuity that has a
positive impact on the educational process.
The Instruction Module completes the CAI       
planning process.  Understanding standards-based
instruction begins by identifying Curriculum.  
By developing the Assessment next, the educator 
and the student have a clear picture of the
expectations.  For students to ultimately reach 
the expected level of achievement, the third 
consideration, Instruction, is the process that 
becomes the decisive factor.
This module assists educators in understanding     
the process of standards-based instruction and
provides opportunities to examine, explore, and
analyze instructional strategies.  The guiding 
question throughout the module is, "How will
students learn?"

Module Components

The recommended sequence is
Standards-based Instruction
Who needs it and why?
Standards-based Instruction
What is it?
What are the benefits of designing instruction 
within standards-based planning?
Rigorous and Relevant Instruction
When does instruction become rigorous and 
Facets of Learning
What are basic aspects that lead to  
successful instruction?
Implementation Strategies
Where do educators incorporate standards 
into the instruction?
How do educators design effective
How will students learn?
Module Objectives

Upon completion of this module the participant 

should be able to

Design instruction based on standards
Recognize when instruction becomes rigorous
and relevant thereby establishing high
expectations for all students
Examine facets of learning prior to deciding on 
a specific instructional technique
Select and implement appropriate strategies
based on best practices and/or current research
Follow procedures essential to developing 
effective instruction
Plan instruction using the CAI Lesson 
Planning Tool
Optional:  Adapt instruction to include 
What's next? What's next?

Planning instruction establishes a pathway   

toward attainment of the specified goal!  With 
this thought in mind, proceed into the Instruction
Module considering the following two questions:

How will the keywords from the standards 

help when developing instruction?

How can instructional procedures directly 
support the assessment of the selected 
Time to reflect.  At various intervals you will be directed to reflect on your prior instructional activities and their connection with the standards.  Click the graphic at the right for the printable version of the reflection questions. Click here.

Keys to Success.  Occasionally you will be
asked to "Click the Key to Success." 
This provides opportunities for you to review 
successful instructional strategies. A link to  

Key to Success

the printable version of all the Keys 
is available in the Summary Component 
of the module.
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