Kids Have Pets: A Lesson on Using Graphs

I have a cute little beagle named Duke.  My friend has a sheltie named Smokey.  My neighbor has a cat named Rosie. Do you have a pet too?

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I asked the kids in our class what kind of pet they have. This is the data I collected.

Tally Sheet

Graphing is easy.
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Building a bar graph using this data helps us easily compare the number of pets kids have. All four (4) parts of a bar graph must be present for the graph to be complete.

Click on each button to see the parts of a graph.

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Look carefully at the bar graph that we built to answer these questions.   What is the title of this graph?

Click on the correct answer in the box at the right.

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Click to show which animal most kids have as pets.





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Which two (2) kinds of animals are owned by the same number of kids?

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How many kids have either a dog or a cat?





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Why is there no bar telling how many kids have snakes as pets?

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The numbers up the side of the bar graph are called the _____.

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The kids in my class love their pets. How about the kids in your class?

Collect data from your class and build a bar graph to show your data.

Graphs can be very useful.
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