I love being an only child. My mom and dad do lots of things with me. We have a great family, just the three of us. Next Page

Then my parents had a baby. Now there are four of us. My parents spend a lot of time with the baby. I liked it better when there were only three of us. Previous Page | Next Page

Some of my friends have brothers and sisters too. We talked about how many people are in our family.

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To help us compare what kind of families we have, we made a circle graph.

The whole circle represents the whole group. Parts of the whole group are shown as parts of the circle that look like a piece of pie. Sometimes a circle graph is called a pie graph.

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We have asked 24 kids in our class. I asked each kid how many people are in their family. This is what I found out. Click on each box to see it on the circle
  • graph.
  • people on each family = 3
  • people on each family = 11
  • people on each family = 5
  • people on each family = 0
  • people on each family = 4
  • people on each family = 1
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Look at the circle graph we made to answer these questions by typing the correct answer in the box.
  • Most of my friends have people in their family.
  • How many people have 6 members in their family?
  • 3 of my friends have people in their family.

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What kind of books do you like to read? Build a circle graph to show what 12 of my friends like to read.
  • Mysteries = 2
  • Adventure = 5
  • Poetry = 3
  • Animal = 1
  • Jokes = 1
Click on the numbers in sequence.

See how the chatr works?

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By looking at the graph we can compare the amounts of our Earth that are covered with fresh water, salt water and land.

A circle graph makes it easy for us to compare parts of a whole group.

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