SO01830_.WMF (4026 bytes) Conclusion
Brings closure to the essay.
Restates the main topic.
Calls for reflection or action by the reader.
SO01830_.WMF (4026 bytes) Body Subtopic 3: Benefits of Rock Climbing
Detail: Healing powers for people.
Detail: Mentally challenging.  
Detail: Great physical exercise.
Subtopic 2:  Rock Climbing Equipment 
Detail: Harnesses attach a rope to the climber.
Detail: Carabeaners are quicker and more reliable
              than ropes.
Detail: There are three different types of anchors.
Subtopic 1History of Rock Climbing
Detail: Began in Europe about 200 years ago.
Detail: First climbs were short and fun.
Detail: First recorded U.S. rock climb.
SO01830_.WMF (4026 bytes)



Grabs the reader's attention.
States the main topic.
Gives hints as to what the reader can expect.
Provides necessary background information.


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