An inclined plane makes lifting this lawn mower easier.

Cause tells why something happens.  

"My Dad uses an inclined plane to lift our lawn mower into our trailer," says Logan.  "Why is an inclined plane used?" he asks Kyle. 

"It is used because the heavy lawn mower needs to be lifted," answers Kyle.  

"Thinking about why and because will help you find the cause and effect," says Holly.

The cause tells why.

Read the sentences below.   Look for the cause and effect.
Think about why something happens.  Click the cause.

1.  A year with no rain makes the desert ground  hard and dry.

2.  The force of gravity pulls and the dropped book hits the ground

3.  The box is too heavy to lift.  We have to use a lever.

4.  The balloon goes flat as the air escapes.

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