Books Online

  • A Real Hero
    Follow the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in this poetic verse as we learn that we can be anything we want to be. Audio is available.
  • Jefferson's Powerful Pen
    Travel back in time to meet Thomas Jefferson as he participates in writing the Declaration of Independence and becomes president. Audio is available.
  • Columbus and the Big Surprise
    Come discover Christopher's big surprise as we learn about Columbus Day. Audio is available.
  • Stitches of Time
    Learn the value of art reflecting cultural heritage by reading this piece of historical fiction.
  • Father of Our Country
    Discover why George Washington is called "the father of our country." Audio is available.
  • A Problem, a Penny, and a President
    Explore Abraham Lincoln's presidency as he comes to life to help with a problem. Audio is available.
  • Happy Birthday Mr. President
    Learn about George Washington's birthday and how it became known as Presidents' Day. Audio is available.
  • A Visit with Grandma
    Students interact with rhyming words as they use this poem to explore various modes of transportation children use to visit their grandmas. Audio is available for this online book.
  • Travel to Days of Old
    Travel back to the time of Vikings, knights, and the Crusades with this troubadour's story written in verse.
  • Simple Machines Made Simple
    Students use their reading skills while learning about the six simple machines. Photos of real-world examples as well as videos of each type of simple machine are included.