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Macaroni Quotations

Cheryl Carasick
Marion County Schools


Help students grasp the difficult concept of using quotations. This lesson uses a hands-on approach to assist students in mastering this skill in a fun and easy way!


The student uses conventions of punctuation (including but not limited to, commas in a series, dates, and addresses; quotation marks to indicate dialogue; apostrophes to indicate singular possession; periods in abbreviations).


-Sentence strips or long pieces of white paper
-Elbow shaped macaroni
-Plastic baggies (one for each student)
-Quotation Worksheet (see Associated File)
-Rubric (see Associated File)


1. Have macaroni separated into plastic baggies ready to distribute.
2. Gather additional materials.


NOTE: This lesson only teaches quotation marks.

1. Explain to students that conversations take place within many sentences. Writers use quotations to show when the person is talking. Show students a selection in their reading books or a book from the media center that has conversation. Point out the quotation marks. At this time, distribute blank sentence strips to students.

2. Put the following sentence on the board or overhead for the students to copy onto their strips of paper: We love to learn said the students. Distribute a bag of macaroni and glue to each student.

3. Discuss with students that where the quotations begin and end marks exactly what the students said. Ask students to tell you exactly what words were said. Add the quotations onto the sentence and instruct the students to glue macaroni onto their copied sentences to match where the quotations are. Circulate to make sure students are correct.

4. Emphasize to students that where the quotations begin and end mark exactly what the students said.

5. Give the students another sentence and sentence strip to continue to practice using quotations. Ask them to silently read it and then to decide exactly what words were spoken. Point out that these words are the ones to be placed inside the quotation marks.

6. Walk around the room while the students are working and assist them in this processs. Allow for peer editing from students who are competent before gluing. Offer feedback and guidance as necessary.

7. Continue providing practice and feedback until you feel that students understand how to use quotations. Provide students with the worksheet in the Associated File to assess them formatively.


NOTE: This lesson only assesses quotation marks.

Students are formatively assesed based on the attached assignment titled Quotation Worksheet (see Associated File). Use the Rubric (see Associated File) to assess students on their ability to add quotations to five different sentences.


Students may use beans as puncuation.
The macaroni may be used as commas.

Attached Files

Quotation Worksheet     File Extension: pdf

Quotation Rubric     File Extension: pdf

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