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I Want You!

Lainie Ferrell


This activity is designed to have students show that they understand how political conditions and significant events that led to United States involvement in World War I influenced works of art by applying their ideas to create a war poster.


The student understands significant events leading up to the United States involvement in World War I and the political, social, and economic results of that conflict in Europe and the United States.


-Various examples of war posters (see weblink)
-Copies of assessment checklist for each student


1. Access various examples of war posters (see weblink).
2. Make copies of checklist used for assessment.
3. Locate or create a sample to model for the students.


1. Display the various war posters that have been collected (see weblink) to refer to as examples.

2. Discuss with the class the different concepts and main ideas found in the posters and identify the targeted audience.

3. Have students identify the elements that make the posters persuasive (ie. Bold lettering, fonts, pictures)

4. Define the term propaganda and discuss the role of propaganda in art.

5. Tell students that they are going to design their own war poster using the elements discussed in class.

6. Pass out the rubric and review key points for assessment.

7. Teacher will evaluate the poster using the attached checklist.


Using a checklist (see attached file), formatively assess studentís ability to examine significant events leading up to the US involvement in World War I and produce a work of art that shows an understanding of the political conditions of the era.

Web Links

site to find examples of war posters from World War
First Call: American Posters of World War I

Attached Files

Checklist.†††††File Extension: pdf

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