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Digan Queso

Mary Montcalm


Students recognize and respond to commands involving family members and prepositions specifying locations


The student obtains and processes information in spoken or written form on topics of academic, cultural, and historical interest, near the level of an educated native speaker of the language.

The student effectively communicates orally in the target language regarding a past, present, or future event.

The student interacts in a variety of situations that reflect the activities of teenagers in the target culture, using appropriate verbal and nonverbal communication.


-Vocabulary List (teacher generated including family members and prepositions of location)


1. Prepare a vocabulary list after you have studied and learned family members and prepositions.
2. Prepare a rubric for evaluation.


1. Divide class into three groups (approximately ten per group).

2. Distribute the following vocabulary list:
Abuelo(a) padrastro
Bebé madrastra
Esposo(a) perro
Hermano(a) cerca de(l)

Hermanito(a) detrás de(l)
Hijo(a) al lado de(l)
Padre a la izquierda de(l)
Madre a la derecha de(l)
Delante de (l)

3. Within groups, assign parts (photographer and family members).

4. The photographer within each group writes commands for “family members” to follow – where to stand in the picture. He/She does not share this with the group until it is time for the group to “sit” for the photo.
La madre entre el hijo y el padre
El perro cerca del padre
La hermanita al lado del hermano

5. Groups present “photo” to class, following the commands of the photographer.

6. When the photographer is satisfied, he says “Digan queso”.

7. Reassign the roles to allow others to participate as the photographer and different family members.


1. Presentation will be graded on the following criteria:

Variety, creativity in instructing others
Pronunciation of target language
Understanding verbal commands accurately
Giving verbal commands accurately
Understanding nonverbal commands accurately
Including accurate nonverbal commands

Allow students who are having difficulty to practice with those who demonstrate mastery. Observe students to make sure that all in the group participate and have a chance to change roles. Work with students who do not cooperate.
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