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Green, Green, Green

Anissa Sanz


This lesson travels around the world celebrating St. Patty's Day and all things green! First, we start of in Ireland and travel our way down to Mexico for some green guacamole. Students will learn dances from the two places.


The student explores movement in response to the sounds and music that reflect a specific culture.

The student knows music from several different genres and cultures (e.g., vocal and instrumental, African and Latin American).

The student knows the general cultural and/or historical settings of various types of music (e.g., songs related to American celebrations and daily life).


-[Music K-8 Volume 12 No. 4 and Music K-8 Volume 11 No. 4]
Plank Road Publishing
-an appropriate player, i.e. CD or cassette
-guacamole dip and chips


1.Obtain a songbook and cd of [Music K-8 Volume 12, No. 4] by Plank Road Publishing for the song [Guacamole!]
2.Obtain a songbook and cd of [Music K-8 Volume 11, No 4] by Plank Road Publishing for the song [Joggin' Jig].
3.Have guacamole dip and chips prepared.


1. Ask students to listen to the song, [Joggin’ Jig] while I play the recorder and tell me at the end of the song, why I chose to play this song. (Answer: St. Patrick’s Day).

2. Ask students which letter was left out of the first word in the title of the song (answer: G), then ask why it was left out (answers: to have it fit with the beat of the song; it’s easier to say; that’s the way people with an Irish accent say it).

3. Have students repeat the Joggin’ Jig phrase after you, then the Up and Down phrase. Then add the dance steps with the singing.

4. Explain to the students that in Irish Dancing, the hands are usually straight down the sides of the body but in order to keep our balance, we are keeping our hands on our waist.

5. Ask students to listen to the pitches of the phrase, “Up and Down” and ask them how the pitches are different from the WORDS of the song (answer: when singing the word up, the pitch is low and when singing the word down, the pitch is high…opposites).

6. Have students sing and dance, [Joggin’ Jig].

7. Ask students to identify specific colors that go with certain holidays (Christmas=green and red, valentines=red, St. Patrick’s Day=green)

8. Stop at green for St. Patrick’s Day and have them name green fruits (pears, apples, honeydew, and avocado).

9. Stop when they get to avocado and tell them that avocado is used to make Guacamole and describe how to make Guacamole and that it’s mainly a Mexican side dish.

10. Ask students how we got from St. Patrick’s Day to Guacamole (answer: they both are green).

11. Teach the students how to do the Merengue, a Spanish dance. Then teach them the dance moves with the singing to the song [Guacamole!].

12. Have the students listen to the phrase, “Take a chip, dip it, dip it, dip it. Take a chip, Dip it—Guacamole!” and have them only say the word Guacamole at the correct time in the phrase.

13. Sing and dance the entire song pulling out one or two students during the instrumental part to meringue.

14. If time, pick out 8 students (pairs) to say “Guacamole” at the correct time in the song.

15. Have students meringue out the door, one by one, taking a chip and dipping it in guacamole on their way out.


The first formative assessment will be that students can answer higher level questions about the title of the song [Joggin’ Jig], and how pitches are different from the words in the song [Joggin’ Jig].
The second part of the assessment will be determined as students dance and sing the songs taught during the lesson (the Joggin’ Jig and the Merengue). The student will have mastered the skill if he/she:
-dances and sings the song correctly.
More practice will be necessary if a student is unable to dance or sing the song correctly.

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