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30 Days Hath September

MAdele Carson
Santa Rosa District Schools


Students learn the poem -Thirty Days Hath September- in preparing for learning about the number of days in the months and year. Once memorized, they practice using the calendar to count the number of days in different problems.


The student uses schedules, calendars, and elapsed time to solve real-world problems.


-File with copies of -Thirty Days-
-Wall calendar with all 12 months visible
-Chart of hands with months on fingers and spaces (see preparation).
-12 month calendar printed on a single sheet (1 per group or 1 per student)
-Paper and pencil
-Teacher made assessment of elapsed calendar time


1. About a week before teaching the math lesson involving days and months, the teacher will give the students a copy of the -Thirty Days- poem to memorize. The teacher can have the students write it out and/or have the students finish the poem orally. Quiz students on memory of -30 days hath September-.

2. You may want to teach your students the months using their fingers. Starting with your left hand (backside up), count the months using your fingers and the spaces between your fingers. The top of your left pinkie is January; the space is February. Your ring finger is March; the space is April. The middle finger is May; the space is June. Your index finger is July. The right index finger is August; the space is September. The middle finger is October; the space is November. Your right ring finger is December. All the finger tops were months with 31 days. All the spaces were the months with 30 (or 28 or 29) days. You may wish to make a chart of hands with the months so that the children will better understand.

3. Have a copy of your county's school calendar to use as a reference.

4.Print copies of a year's calendar (all 12 months on one sheet) like those found in calendar software programs.


1. Have copies of the poem, -Thirty Days Hath September-, made for each student. Allow about a week before teaching the calendar lesson for students to memorize the poem.

2. Review the poem with the students pointing out which months have 30 days, which have 31, and how February changes every 4 years.

3. Using the summer break as an example, ask the students to figure out how many days long our summer actually is. Use the calendar to count the days.

4. Pose questions like: If I were to go on a cruise for all of January and February, how many days would I be gone?

5.Have the students work in groups to come up with problems for the other groups. Each group member should come up with a problem and be able to check the answer with the use of the calendar.

6. Have the students quiz other groups with their problems.


Assess students with a teacher-made test of word problems with the use of the board, the overhead, or on a paper test. In addition, the students' problems could be used for the test.
If Zach's soccer team is going to Germany on March 1st. They will return on June 1st. How many days will they be gone?
Joey's baby brother was 6 months old on November 30. How many days old is he?
Jennie was born on January 1st, 1996. How many days old was she on her first birthday?

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