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Gloria Smith
Okaloosa County Schools


The students will learn to write a short autobiographical sketch and produce an author page to be used throughout the year with their writing. Students will learn how to take digital camera photos and produce a PowerPoint slide show with their photos and information.


The student uses supporting ideas, details, and facts from a variety of sources to develop and elaborate topic.

The student uses words and images that best express intended messages.

The student uses multimedia tools to enhance presentations.


-Notebook paper for each student
-Pencils for each student
-Books with author pages or book jackets
-Digital camera for the whole class or cameras for each group
-Disk for the entire class or disks for each group
-Computer(s) with PowerPoint
-Checklist for each student (see associated file)
-Large screen TV with hook up access to the computer.


1. Gather several types of books that have author pages or book jackets. (poetry, novels, short stories, etc.)
2. Provide paper and pencils to each student.
3. Provide the checklist to the students.
4. Provide the digital camera and disk.
5. Provide a computer(s) with PowerPoint and a printer with paper.
6. Provide a large-screen TV and hook up to the computer to show the slides.


Day one

1. Show students several author pages from different types of books and discuss the purpose of the author page. (poetry, novels, short stories, and different types of book jackets)

2. Inform the students that they will be writing short, one or two paragraphs, autobiographical sketches about themselves to be used with their written work during the year.

3. Go over the checklist before doing the activity so the students will know how they will be assessed.

4. Review some of the information that should go into the sketches and allow the students to create rough drafts. Discuss and give examples of words and images that best express intended messages.

5. Together check the draft for spelling and sentence structure errors, as well as making sure it meets the criteria on the checklist for the written report. Specifically look for words and images that best express intended messages. You may want to allow students to peer edit.

Day 2

6. Hand back the rough drafts and have the students revise their information.

7. Inform the students that they will be learning to take photos with digital cameras today.

8. Demonstrate how to use the digital cameras to take photos. Ask a student to repeat the directions back. Ask another student for directions. Do this until it is evident that most students understand the process.

9. Divide the student into groups of four and allow them to take photos with the digital cameras. Circulate and offer feedback and guidance as needed.

10. Allow the students to select the photo they wish to use with their author page.

Day 3

11. Inform the students that they will be learning to put their picture and text on a PowerPoint slide.

12. Demonstrate the use of PowerPoint and model how to put pictures and text on a blank slide. Ask different students to repeat the directions or demonstrate how to do it until you feel most are ready to work on their own.

13. Have the students go to computers and create slides using their information and photos.

14. Check the information and photos to make sure they are completed correctly and are ready to print. Offer feedback and guidance as necessary. Remind students to look at the checklist prior to indicating they are finished with their projects today.

Day 4

15. Inform the students that they will be finalizing their project by making any corrections that are necessary and printing their author pages.

16. Model how they will print their slides.

17. When the students have printed their slides and have a hard copy, they will share the finished products with the class. These pages will be used with their writings throughout the year.

18. Show the finished slides to the students as a final activity to the class project.

19. Assess the projects using the attached checklist.


Assess the project with a checklist found in the associated file. Students should receive feedback and be given time for corrections since this is an assessment that should be shared with others.


Students can read their author pages into a microphone connected to an audio mixer and computer as they show their slides. These slides can be used to create a video presentation for the class.

Attached Files

Checklist for author pages     File Extension: pdf

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