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Hey You! Want to Become a Scientist?

Cheryl Duty


Students prepare and give oral presentations about assigned scientists and the accomplishments of the scientists after completing research and written reports on their subjects. To make this interesting and fun for the students and teacher, each student can be instructed to create and wear a costume to "become" their designated scientist.


The student knows selected scientists and their accomplishments.


-Teacher costume -- optional
-Two copies of the Formative Assessment of "Hey You! Want to Become a Scientist?" for each student (see Association Files)


1. Prepare copies of Formative Assessment of "Hey You! Want to Become a Scientist?" (see Association Files), two for each student
2. Be prepared to model how information is to be reported to the class (if the extension activity is being used, prepare a costume)
3. On the day of presentations, have the class set up so that the scientist will be “center stage”
(place desks against the wall, have chairs arranged in a semi circle)


NOTE: Prior to this lesson, the student is assigned a scientist, completes research, and writes a paper on the scientist and their accomplishments

1. Distribute rubrics to students at the time the written assignments are made. Discuss the points of the rubric so students know what is expected of them for their oral presentations.

2. On the day of the presentations, review being polite, being quiet during presentations, etc, with the class.

3. Review the rubric with the students so they are aware of the criteria for assessments.

4. Explain to students that they are the teachers for the next two or three days. They need to listen closely to the information given about the life and accomplishments of each scientist. You may want to have students take notes about each scientist.

5. Demonstrate an oral presentation of a scientist other than one who has been used for a written assignment. You can be in costume to make this more fun for the class.

6. Request volunteers for presentations.

7. Fill out the Formative Assessment for “Hey You! Want to Become a Scientist?” (See Association Files) during each presentation or right after presentation as you feel proper.

8. Verbally stress to the class, facts that are important for each scientist or important facts that were omitted.

9. Repeat until all students have completed their presentations.

10. Stop each presentation to allow enough time to ask the student questions about the scientist presented. If students take notes during the presentations, they may refer to the notes during the end of the class discussion.


Formative Rubric Hey You! Want to Become a Scientist? Rubric (see Association Files)
Students complete oral presentations of the lives and accomplishments of assigned scientists.
Student clearly knows the scientist and the accomplishments of the scientist.


Allow students to "become" their scientist by creating and wearing costumes appropriate to the time the scientist lived.

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