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Rate Your Plate

Kathy Crane
Santa Rosa District Schools


This activity is a fun way to teach students to analyze what they eat for one day. The student analyzes the nutrients, calories, and food groups using the USDA CNPP website Interactive Healthy Eating Index.


The student knows how to apply a decision-making process to health issues and problems individually and collaboratively (eg., nutritional food choices at home, restaurants, and school).


-Copies of Food Intake Record
-Computers with Internet access
-LCD projector
-PowerPoint Presentation: Food Guide Pyramid
-PowerPoint Presentation: Using the Internet for IHEI
-Copies of Peer Review checklist


1. Secure computer and LCD projector for two days for PowerPoint presentations.
2. Review PowerPoint presentations.
3. Secure computers with access to the Internet.
4. Duplicate handout: Food Intake Record (2 copies for each student).
5. Duplicate Handout: Peer Review Checklist.


Day 1
1. Show PowerPoint presentation on the Food Pyramid. (See associated file.)

2. Explain procedures for itemizing today’s food consumption:
a. Distribute and explain handout Food Intake Record. (See associated file.)
b. Direct students to write down what they have eaten so far during Day 1 and continue through the end of the day.
c. Remind students to bring their completed Food Intake Record to class tomorrow.

Day 2:
1. Explain how to access the Interactive Healthy Eating Index (IHEI) on the Internet, using PowerPoint: Using the Net.

2. Access the IHEI.

3. Enter foods items from Day One’s Food Intake Record in the IHEI and analyze Nutrient Intake and Food Pyramid.

4. Print out the Nutrient and Food Pyramid pages from the IHEI. (See associated file in IHEI PowerPoint.)

5. Compare and contrast their Food Intake Record to IHEI.

6. Assign homework: Write a personal meal plan according to the IHEI using another Food Intake Record.

Day 3:
1. Explain Peer Review Checklist. (See associated file.)

2. Pair up with another student.

3. Exchange original meal plans.

4. Use peer assessment using the checklist.

5. Discuss with peer and make revisions to meal plan.

6. Write a summary of their personal findings related to their eating habits including three healthy suggestions to improve their own food choices.

7. Collect the revised meal plan and summary.

8. Assess summary and provide feedback as needed.


After analyzing their daily food choices using the Interactive Healthy Eating Index (IHEI), students write a revised meal plan and summary of personal eating habits, using peer suggestions. The summary is assessed and is acceptable if the student can give three healthy food suggestions to improve their own food choices.

Web Links

The Interactive Healthy Eating Index (IHEI) is an on-line dietary assessment tool that provides information on your diet quality, related nutrition messages, and links to nutrient information.
Interactive Healthy Eating Index

Attached Files

Power Point Presentation: Food Guide Pyramid     File Extension: ppt

Power Point Presentation: Using the Net to Analyze Food Intake     File Extension: ppt

Food Intake Record.     File Extension: pdf

Peer Review Checklist.     File Extension: pdf

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