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Monster Graph Activity

Princesse Jenkins


Monsters are considered scary creatures, but this lesson will take the fear out of graphing. Student creates and draws conclusions from data found in a Monster graph.


The student draws appropriate conclusions based on data from charts, tables, and graphs.


-Data Sheet, 1 per student (See attached file)
-Activity Sheet, 1 per student (See attached file)
-Pencil or pen
-Computer with Internet access


1. Provide information to the students on how to create and use a graph prior to the activity.
2. Explore the web link instructions (see associated files) prior to the first class session.
3. Reserve a computer lab.
4. Make sure the web site address is visible and available for each student.
5. Make copies of the data sheets/activity sheets (see associated files) for students to use for their graph.


Day 1
1. Students should have prior knowledge of how to create and use a graph.

2. Direct students to the web site: (See attached file.)

3. Teacher navigates the students through the site.

4. Have students study each of the following graphs: The Types of Households in Florida in 2002, The Educational Attainment of People in Florida in 2002, and Poverty Rates in Florida in 2002.

5. Pass out the activity sheets. (See attached file.)

6. Students must use the information found in the graphs to complete the activity sheet provided. (Activity sheet can be completed in small groups or as a class.)

7. Discuss the answers to the activity sheet with the students.

Day 2
8. Hand out data sheets. (See attached file and be sure to discuss the required standards).

9. Student should use the data sheet (instructions and data are provided) to replicate the skills learned using the activity sheet.

10. Collect all data sheets. (Allow students to keep the activity sheet for reference.)

11. Use the data sheet answer key (see attached file)and the criteria found in the assessment section to evaluate each paper with the number 1,2,3,or 4.

12. Hand back the data sheets and review the answers with the students.


Use the Monster Graph to assess studentís ability to:
1. Interpret information from a graphic display
2. Draw four appropriate conclusions from the student-made Monster Graph.

The Monster Graph will be used as evidence.
Criteria: Three correct conclusions is considered an acceptable level of mastery.

Web Links

This website gives yearly census information, as well as, links to other sites with graphs, charts, and spreadsheets.
U.S. Census Bureau

Attached Files

Activity/Data Sheets, Answer Keys and Web link Instructions     File Extension:  pdf
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