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Digital Autobiographies

Lynn Riddle


Students apply technical skills to take photos and enhance their picture, which they include in an original word processing autobiography.


Applies a variety of technical skills to simple projects


-Digital Camera (Sony Mavica is recommended)and disk
-Computer with word processing software and digital imaging software
-Printed copies of Digital Autobiographies Instructions, one per student
(See associated file)
-Printed copies of Digital Autobiographies Checklist, one per student
(See associated file)


1. Charge batteries in camera.
2. Secure floppy disk for each student.
3. Copy instruction sheet for each student. (See associated files.)
4. Check that digital imaging and word processing software is loaded on the computer.
5. Make copies of checklist for each student. (See associated files.)


1. Present an orientation on correct camera procedure for the digital camera students will be using. Items to be discussed with the students are as follows:
∑Handling and care of the camera.
∑Procedure for saving and down loading the pictures to the computer.
∑Use of the flash and zoom.

2. Students read instructions for completing the project from the Digital Autobiography Instructions. (See associated files.)

3. Students take pictures to incorporate into their project.
∑Students should take a variety of poses to be able to select the best one for their autobiography.

4. Using digital imaging software, students enhance their picture.
∑Some possibilities are frames, edges, and cropping.

5. Using word processing software, students compose a one-page autobiographical story that includes their picture using the Digital Autobiography Instructions. (See associated files.)

6. Students spell check and print their creative writing project.

7. Students share their projects with the class before turning them in for assessment.

8. Formatively assess each student project using the Digital Autobiography Checklist. (See associated files.)


Use the Digital Autobiography Checklist (see associated files) to assess the project.

Evidence: A typewritten autobiography including studentís picture.

Criteria: Includes an original picture, uses software to enhance the picture, types the autobiography project on a word processor, and combines the technical skills into the completed autobiography project.

Attached Files

Digital Autobiography Checklist.     File Extension:  pdf

Digital Autobiography Instructions.     File Extension:  pdf
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