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Are You My Mother?

Lee Strain
Polk County Schools


Students will discover baby animals look similar to their parents.


The student knows that plants and animals are similar but not identical to their parents.


-Pictures of animals and their babies.
-Picture of self and your parents.
-Letter to parents
-Pencils for each student
-Assessment sheet for each student.
-Pictures of students and their parents.


1. Prepare a letter to the parents requesting that they send in a picture of their child and one of them.
2. Gather pictures of animals and their babies from the web site provided. Include the animals on the assessment sheet.
3. Get a picture of yourself when you were a child and one of your parents.
4. Download assessment sheet.


This lesson only deals only with baby animals and their parents.

1. Show students a picture of yourself when you were a young child. Then show a picture of your mother or both parents. Discuss the similarities and differences.

2. Have children who brought in pictures share the pictures and discuss the similarities and differences.

3. Ask students if they know of any other living things that look like their mothers and fathers. Guide the students into a discussion of animals.

4. Hold up a picture of a dog. Ask students if they know the name of the dog's baby. Have a volunteer pick out the picture of the dog's baby. Discuss the similarities and differences.

5. Tell students that baby animals do not look exactly like their parents but are very similar to them.

6. Continue holding up pictures of various animals and have students pick out their baby. Discuss the similarities and differences.

Day 2

1. Review animals by repeating activity in day 1.

2. Assess students using the attached assessment.


Students match baby animals to their parents using the attached assessment sheet. The student is successful if he/she can match at least 80% of the babies to their mother. The teacher will assist any student who is not successful.

Web Links

This site contains pictures of animals and their offspring.
Animal pictures

Attached Files

Assessment sheet     File Extension:  pdf
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