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Dia de San Valentin

Amanda Yates
Polk County Schools


Students listen and repeat common phrases associated with Valentine's Day and create a Valentine for someone, using the Spanish phrases they learned.


The student follows and gives simple instructions (e.g., instructions to participate in games or instructions provided by the teacher for classroom tasks).

The student restates and rephrases simple information from materials presented orally, visually, and graphically in class.


-A large heart for each student
-A marker for each student
-A heart with each phrase for the example
-Overhead/transparency or flip chart
-A copy of the assessment checklist for each student


-Cut out hearts(from construction paper) for each student to have one.
-Make your own set of hearts and label them with the Spanish sayings.
-Post your hearts somewhere where all students will be able to see them when you present them.
-Have all sayings written in English/Spanish on a transparency or flip chart.
-Make sure you have enough markers for each student to have one, or tell the students to bring a marker the day before the lesson.


(Note: Look in the Teacher Preparation section for additional information.)
1. Go to the board where you have posted the hearts and have the students focus on you.

2. Point to each heart, as you say the saying to the class (in Spanish).

3. Have the students repeat each saying after you. Do this 3 or 4 times.

4. Go to the front of the room and write each saying on the overhead or flip chart. I used:
-Dia de San Valentin(accents on -i- in dia and -i- in Valentin)- Day of Saint Valentine
-Yo te quiero.- I love you.
-Dame un beso/abrazo.- Give me a kiss/hug.
-Sea mi valentin.- Be my valentine.
-Tu eres especial.- You are special.
-Tu tienes mi corazon(accent on -o- in corazon).-You have my heart.
-Sea mi novio/novia.-Be my sweetheart.
-Aqui tienes la llave de mi corazon(accent on -i- in aqui and -o- in corazon).- Here is the key to my heart.
-Para -to

5. Have your students copy these on their own paper.

6. Give each student a heart and a marker. Instruct them to make a Valentine for someone special. They must use one or more of the sayings you just gave them in Spanish. Tell them that you will grade them according to the checklist (given in the assessment section).

7. Once students have finished, have them clean up their mess.

8. Then, call on students one at a time to share their Valentine with the class. (Tell them to try with the pronounciation and that you will help them if they need help.)

9. Point to a student and have them tell you (in English) what the other person shared from their Valentine.

10. Have students turn in their Valentines.


When the student correctly presents the card to the class, the student should receive a grade based upon the checklist. The items on the checklist include:
-Repeated phrases in the target language
-Followed directions in target language (made Valentine)
-Orally rephrased and summarized directions in target language for creating the Valentine
-Repeated a phrase in the target language to another student.


- You can use this method when introducing other sayings for other holidays. ex.Christmas, cut out trees
-You can add more items to the hearts, such as "Dolces", "Sweets", "Dame abrazos". "Give me hugs", etc.
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