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Presenting an Autobiography

Jerry Stephens
Walton County Schools


Students prepare and present their own autobiographies with the assistance of a computer presentation they have created using a presentation program such as Microsoft PowerPoint .


The student uses details, illustrations, analogies, and visual aids to make oral presentations that inform, persuade, or entertain.


-Computer(s) or computer lab (1 computer per student is ideal)
-Presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint
-3x5 index cards
-Capability of presenting a computer slideshow to the class
-Digital Camera (optional)
-Floppy disks (1 per student)
-Sample presentations (1 or 2)


1. Set up or coordinate use of computers or computer lab.
2. Acquire use of digital camera and gather index cards and floppy disks.
3. Prepare checklist, rubric, and any additional items that you will be providing to the students.
4. Create any example presentations that you will be showing to your class.


1. Introduce lesson by discussing autobiographies, presentations, and visual aids for enhancing presentations.

2. Explain that each student will be required to prepare and present an autobiography using a computer slideshow or presentation.

3. Present your own autobiography as an example of the product for which you are looking. In addition, you may wish to provide a mock autobiography (more if possible) to illustrate the variety of features possible with the selected software.

4. Provide students with a checklist of items that their presentations are required to have as well as ideas for items that will make their presentations exceed your standards. An example checklist is available in the associated file.

5. Provide students with a copy of the rubric that you will be using to grade their projects.

6. Explain your requirements and answer all questions that your students may have.

7. Have students prepare their presentations on paper. Reemphasize YOUR required items and standards. Monitor progress and give suggestions as students work.

8. After students have completed the writing assignment they should begin copying the information onto their index cards. Have them turn in the original pages so that you can follow along when they make their presentation.

9. As students begin to complete this section, have them start deciding what information will be placed into their presentation and think about how they will organize it. You will also need to either have students take each other's pictures with the digital camera or do it yourself and show them how to paste the image into their presentation.

10. Give oral instructions or provide a handout to get students going in the selected presentation program. Allow sufficient time for students to be creative, import clipart, make digital images, and to set up their slide shows. Make sure to go over their slide shows with them to encourage them and provide suggestions.

11. Have students save their projects onto a floppy disk. Instruct them to label the disk with their names (or any other information that you require). You may keep their projects until ready for presentation or have them do it (I suggest that you keep them, especially if you want to review them prior to presentation day).

12. Presentation day(s)! Have each student give his or her presentation according to the guidelines you established. Praise each student for the hard work, creativity, and showmanship that went into the project.


Oral presentations will be observed and assessed using the same checklist and rubric that students were given prior to beginning the lesson.


Computer presentations can be used to enhance any oral presentation assignment. You may wish to incorporate further detailed instructions, additional technology, or modify requirements according to your own preference. If you have scanning capabilities, you may wish to have students acquire photos from home to import into their presentations. You may wish to conduct several different assignments by varying the subject or use in a group setting and have each group give a presentation on a different country or topic.
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